How to Generate License Key for Gluon ERP

                                          How To Generate Licence key for Gluon ERP 


                   First of all open the software with Admin , go for help , about us and than follow  

                   given instructions.


                   1-Go For Help:-

                   When you open the software , go to the help and then about us .




                       2-Get Finger print :-


                   Get finger print from the get fingerprint button .





                         3-Select Location and Save:-


                     Third step is to select the location, enter the file name and click on the save button.





                         4-Email to Softbeats Team:-


                    Now the step is the finger print file mail to softbeats team for further working

                    On this email address




                       5-Email Reply:-


                      On the email reply softbeats team mail you License file with extension .sbfb





                       6-Load the License file:-


                   The last step is load the License file, click on the Load button and then select License                              file.













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